Glow Group Ethics Whistleblower Inbox

Please use this email address ethicsofficer@glow. gclub casino www.orchardsweaters.com to report any malpractice concerning unlawful conduct, non-compliance with the Glow Group "Corporate Governance Policy", unethical business practices, corruption, bribery, or unethical conduct towards business partners. We will safeguard your information, and proceed with the utmost confidentiality in handling your report.

Please be aware that this channel does not handle reporting about the quality of our products or services. To report on Glow Group products or services, please contact us at our regular business numbers 66 (0) 2670 1500-1 directly.

All whistleblowers are required to submit factual information, and shall not incriminate others without sufficient evidence.

Submit ethics report: ethicsofficer@glow. gclub casino www.orchardsweaters.com ?


Last Reviewed/Updated : 04/Mar/2019

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